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Valueform has spent the spent the past 10 years involved the research of applications of bio-mass. In simple terms this means turning somebody’ s waste in to another persons gold, or silver or broze. Working in partnership with Reading University, Imperial College London the Danish technology institute and Bangor University, Valueform has delivered different Biomass solutions to multinational organisations looking for more profitable uses of different Biomass waste streams.

Through this background Valueform is able to give clients the ability to start bio-refining. If you are currently manufacturing using natural raw materials and you want to extract value from your waste by creating valuable commodity chemicals contact us to see how we can help.

Valuefrom can deliver your organisation a facility that integrates biomass conversion processes and equipment to produce value-added chemicals and materials from biomass. The biorefinery concept is analogous to a petroleum refinery, which produce multiple fuels and products from petroleum. Instead of petroleum, our raw material is your waste.

The range of bio-mass we have looked at ranges from fish waste through to the straw we use to manufacture packaging.