Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Packaging in Africa

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Business Day has given a sense of the Nigerian packaging firms ambition.  These businesses will leverage on latest technologies and innovations in the industry to boost their top-line and bottom-line performances.

Between Tuesday and Thursday last week, a three-day exhibition entitled ‘Propak West Africa’ was organised for industry players. Over 50 local and foreign exhibitors participated and exhibited the latest technologies that would improve the fortunes of the packaging industry and drive up its current 4 percent annual growth rate.

The developing world through neccessity of cost and more local supply chains has given our business a strong idea about how to package goods using environmentally friendly materials that are cheap. As the consumer market becomes more sophisticated markets like India have seen adoption of less environmentally friendly solutions.  I hope Africa’ s consumers get the best of new innovation and also environmentally sensible solutions.


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