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Disposable Medical Products


Disposable Medical Products

In creating a straw based pulp alternative to recycled paper and virgin paper. The challenge has been choosing the applications. Medical products seemed a good space as paper pulp moulded disposable products have been widely adopted and Valueform could make a start at making single use throw away items environmentally better.

We have worked with hospitals local to us to design straw products that can macerate easily

complying with the strict water and waste regulations, but also provide patients and care staff with robust products that can handle the unglamorous liquids and wastes that our products have to hold.

All our products are made from 100% post harvest straw which means they are made of waste and are environmentally superior to paper pulped vomit bowls.

Valueform products meet PAS29:1999 standard for pulp products used in healthcare

Medical Bowls Bedpans Urinals

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