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Our Business

Origins of the Business

ValueForm Ltd has its origins in the simple idea of using sources of organic waste as an alternative packaging material to paper and polystyrene. ValueForm’s founders were interested by everyday solutions used in the developing world, such as food served on a banana leaf in India and how these simple ideas could be extrapolated to larger scale solutions for the fast food industry.

Working with the UK’s leading academic institutions and UK supermarkets Valueform has invented and is using unique patented processes based on natural sustainable products, or products using organic waste produced by industry.

We want to do 2 things
  • Provide food retailers of all kinds high volume straw solutions that replace existing paper and plastic products.
  • Transform the global paper pulp moulding industry to use our technology to reduce their cost of production and to produce environmentally superior products.

ValueForm’s clients vary in size and the services they use, ranging from multinational organisations with international operations using our technology, through to food retailers packaging foods and the NHS.