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Why Pulp moulded Products?

Different customer needs

Valueform products are more cost effective than the plastic or paper products, with the same safety and technical specifications.

ValueForm makes pulp moulded products to fit any shape ValueForm pulp moulded packaging is highly versatile across a huge range of product sizes and types, ValueForm can replace your existing packaging that is paper and plastic and make it from straw.

Bespoke tooling means new products, variations and changes can easily be made to the end product.

High Quality Packaging Products

ValueForm pulp moulded products and packaging are highly durable

ValueForm pulp moulded products are temperature resistant

ValueForm pulp moulded absorb vibration and impact highly effectively

Hydrophobicity can be imparted to requiredgrade

Valueform pulp molded products ensure look to factor in Anti bacterial and barrier properties

The need of 'Green'

Environmental credentials are brand enhancing

Non paper packaging made from waste is a long term sustainable solution you can tell your clients about

Valueform products are easily recycled and use less energy in their recovery, whilst causing less pollution and evironmental impact

ValueForm = Value for money

Raw material supplies are stable

Tooling is cost efficient and fast

Products are light and space efficient for shipping and storing

Packaging is easy to customise with shape, food safety standards, branding and high quality finishing.