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ValueForm has a vision high volume food packaging solutions made from straw that replaces the need for plastic and paper products. Valueform meets or beats the price of the paper and plastic solutions it replaces, whilst offering the same technical characteristics with a vastly superior environmental impact.

Valueform believes passionately that the packaging of food in supermarkets and food retailing needs to change moving away from plastic and paper to more sustainable but economically competitive solutions. We want to lead this change, by not only providing the end products to customers, but also providing the technology to the paper industry to convert their plants to use straw and other cereal waste materials.

Valueform’s suite of technology allows us to meet or beat the price of the products our customers are currently using made from paper or plastic, whilst giving a product that ensures the quality and safety of the food that is packaged.

If you have a high volume food packaging product that is currently made from recycled paper or plastic then we would like to work with you to make these products from waste straw, to give you an economically attractive alternative that is based on turning cereal waste in to useful packaging