Straw Packaging

Valueform makes food packaging from 100% cereal waste, like straw. We want to make single use throw away food packaging cheaper and environmentally more friendly. Our goal is to

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Save Trees

Valueform wants to stop paper and plastic being used to package our food in supermarkets and other high volume applications. Paper orginates from trees which take a long time to

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Save Money

Valueform’ s technology and products allow you to replace your paper or plastic product with one made from 100% waste straw. To make the biggest environmental impact, we put

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Create Products

We dont work in silos. We work with our customers to develop products that meet their needs, from a design and performance perspective as well as giving the best outcomes

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How we can help? What we offer

  • Straw Packaging
  • Save Trees
  • Save Money
  • Create Products

Save the planet

Most of the plastic food packaging you have used will persist longer than everyone in the town city or village you are living in.  Riverford Organics estimate that 85% of our packaging footprint is made up of paper and cardboard. At Valueform want to package food in a way that reduces the current calamitous environmental impact current food packaging places on our environment.

As supermarkets and people who package food we want to help you develop products from waste materials that disappear shortly after they have been used. Not products that are over engineered and stick around for years and decades.

To do this we have to offer price competitive solutions that support global supply chains. We are ready and with your support in our own way we can help conserve our planet.


Work with us

If you have a high volume packaging product that is currently made in paper or plastic and want to make it from waste straw and pay the same or less. You have found us, now work with us to develop a replacement product in cereal waste.

If you are currently manufacturing packaging and using paper, and you want to use our technology to start using cereal waste instead of recycled paper, which is a cheaper and more sustainable raw material. Having found us, now work with us.